Manuscript Editor

Subject experts at Researchedit help you transform your ideas and raw data into a publishable paper. Write a clear conclusion.

We offer two types of writing

Scientific Writing

If you have been side-tracked and not able to complete your manuscript, simply send us your incomplete paper and we can write it from abstract to reference, including all relevant information, figures, tables, references, result interpretation, and so on. If you have shortlisted an appropriate journal, then we can also assist you in this regard by drafting a complete paper.

Key areas of expertise : Medical sciences, Entomology, Life sciences, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Climatology, and many moreā€¦

Pre-requisites : You need to provide us the figures, tables, list of references (if any), the paper in word format, supplementary files (if any), and any additional files that you feel can be instrumental in drafting the paper.

Technical Writing

We make your technical content creation ecosystem a breeze. To make your life even easier, we provide you with full-proof technical documents that are communicative and at the same time simple. You can completely rely on Researchedit's skilled team who are highly experienced and are able to work on a wide variety of technical documents like:

  1. Technical manuals
  2. User manuals
  3. Installation manuals
  4. Training guides
  5. Website contents
  6. Wiki contents
  1. Blogs on technical topics
  2. SOPs
  3. Release notes
  4. Press release
  5. News articles or short news capsules
  6. eLearning materials, and so on.
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