Substantive editing service

Researchedit helps you get published in recognized journals through our top-tier and best editing service. Our substantive editing service enhances the content, logical flow and presentation of the research paper. In addition to this, all aspects of copyediting are covered under substantive editing service. We match your manuscript with subject experts who have years of experience in your field of study. For example, if you have submitted a manuscript relating to metabolism study of the cell, then it will be assigned to a subject expert in the field of cellular biology.

If the edited manuscript is rejected (which is a very rare occasion) by the journal on basis of poor language, then we shall re-edit the manuscript completely free of cost.



for 3000 words-15 days

What we do in substantive editing?

  1.  Incorporate changes at word, sentence and paragraph level.
  2.  Contextual flow of the text is maintained.
  3.  The document is checked for content, organization and style.
  4.  Unnecessary details are deleted and necessary details are retained.
  5.  Logical development and flow of ideas.
  6.  Ensure conciseness.
  7.  Correction in language, usage of technical terminologies, jargons, and so on.
  8.  Improving content organization and presentation.
  9.  Checking for spelling, grammatical errors, technical errors, punctuation and typographic errors.

We maintain confidentiality of all documents submitted by our client. All our editors sign a legal confidentiality form which restricts them from using any part or whole of the document for their personal use.

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