Response to Reviewers Service- Don’t leave your research unanswered!

Research is seldom a one-step go. Once the research paper is submitted to the target journal it undergoes technical review and then it is assigned to a panel of peer reviewers who are experts in that particular field of study. They come up with a set of comments to be answered by the authors, and that too within a deadline.

Our subject expert team can help you prepare a suitable response for the reviewer’s comments in a point wise and structured manner along with a cover letter stating all the changes made in the document. We also incorporate those changes in the paper. However, they are few comments that needs to be answered by the author. In such cases, after you send us your replies, our experts draft the content into the reviewer’s comment report, ensuring correct tone and relevance.


We ensure

  1. Sourcing out important scientific information for responding to the reviewer’s comments
  2. Correct English usage
  3. Correct tone and relevance
  4. Appropriate cover letter with all changes listed out
  5. Two files: one clean copy with accepted changes and one track changed/highlighted copy
  6. Upload the files at the journal interface

Response to Reviewers

150 USD

For 15 days

We maintain confidentiality of all documents submitted by our client. All our editors sign a legal confidentiality form which restricts them from using any part or whole of the document for their personal use.




Journal name

Thank you for considering my article

for publication in your journal “journal name”.

Here are the responses to the reviewer’s comment:

Response to Comment 1: Thank you for the comment. The language editing has been done by a professional native English speaker.

Response to comment 2: xxxxxxxxx

I would be happy to make any further changes that may be required."

If you have any queries please contact us at and we will help you in preparing the responses to the reviewer’s comments and ensure that the changes are incorporated into the revised submission

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