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Researchedit provides a professional and manual proofreading service that is near perfect and errorless. Though there are a number of online proofreading software, but this does not ensure complete correctness of the manuscript. Our editorial experts scan your manuscript for errors related to grammar, terminologies, punctuation, word use errors, and the overall style, increasing the chances the acceptance.
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Proofreading services


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What we do in Proofreading?

  1. We check for all preliminary matters that include cover letter, main document, copyright forms, conflict of interest forms, signature of author(s) in these forms, and so on.
  2. We check for end matters, such as foot notes, appendixes, reference list, glossary, etc.
  3. We check for pagination, illustrations, tables, and captions.
  4. We check for spelling errors, typography, abbreviations, acronyms, spacing, alignment, bold type and so on.
  5. The format is also verified. Any windows, orphans or rivers are eliminated.

What type of documents we proofread?

We proofread research articles of all types, books, thesis/dissertations, reports, Short stories/Novels, Plays/Screenplays, Editorials, blogs, and more. We work on all file types and also ensure safety of your document through our secure encryption.

View our samples

Here are some online proofreading samples. These online proofreading samples are a best way to understand the extent of editing or changes done in a manuscript that makes it a perfect fit for a journal.

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