Pre-submission peer review service- We save your research time

Pre-submission peer review service is one of the publication support services of Researchedit. Peer reviewing prior to submitting to the target journal helps the author save their valuable research time as well as increases the publication chances.

The expert reviewers at Researchedit help your research stand out of the rest. Our subject expert reviewers perform an extensive peer review on your manuscript before submitting it to the journal, who already have immense experience in peer reviewing articles for many reputed journals. So, you don’t have to wait for the reviewer’s feedback for months post-submission. Our experts pin point areas where there is a need for improvement and also provide suggestions in a section wise manner.

Pre-submission Peer Review


For 15 days

What pre-submission peer review service does?

  • Spotting out any missing information in the manuscript
  • Artwork errors
  • Technical errors relating to formatting of the manuscript, references (both in-text and reference list), missing references, missing data in the tables, and more.
  • Suggesting editing in the manuscript wherever required.
  • Correctness of the study design, sample size, data interpretation and the pattern of the manuscript.

This is a much time saving publication support service that usually is a win-win condition for both the author and the journal to which the manuscript will be submitted to. The necessary time required for peer reviewing by the journal will get reduced substantially due to less or no errors in the submitted manuscript. This will further lead to fast publication by the target journal. It also eases the workload of the journal editorial board.

What do you get?

A peer review report with suggestions, recommendations and constructive comments to improve manuscript quality. By this, you can overcome the common reasons for which a manuscript gets rejected.

Delivery and Pricing

We deliver content within 7 days. We also provide one-day delivery peer review service.

Please note: This service does not guarantee acceptance of manuscript for publication but it guides you to improve the quality of your manuscript.

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