While assessing literature reviews, we come across many information that are available online. We simply copy-paste the information in our research paper, thesis, book without giving any due credit to the original author. As we submit the paper to the target journal, the technical team rejects the paper at the first instance, even before the peer review, due to high percentage of plagiarism or copied text or unoriginal text. This act of plagiarism is not permissible and can debar you from academic publication.

Researchedit will help you deal with this conundrum. Our top-notch professionals will get you the content that is absolutely plagiarism-free. We aim at making your reasearch papers,  thesis, book and documents near plagiarism-free by rephrasing and re-writing the text to the greater possible extent.

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Avoiding Plagiarism in Research

We use Turnitin-The Trusted Plag Reduction Tool

For plagiarism analyses, we use Turnitin, a trusted software for measuring the text quality and originality.

Are you plagiarizing without your knowledge?

We assist in preventing accidental plagiarism through referencing and quoting.

Total plagiarism: 90%

Pre- and post-plagiarism report along with the rewritten manuscript.

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We are trusted by over 100+ colleges and universities, scholars, students and professionals worldwide.

Less than 50% Plagiarism

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Less than 50-80% Plagiarism

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More than 80-90% Plagiarism

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More than 90% Plagiarism

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We maintain confidentiality of all documents submitted by our client. All our editors sign a legal confidentiality form which restricts them from using any part or whole of the document for their personal use.

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