University of california has no longer access to new content in elsevier journals

UoC lost access to the fresh content in Elsevier Journals. This is the result of negotiations in the new contract between the both.UoC lost access to the fresh content in Elsevier Journals. This is the result of negotiations of the new contract between the both.

New editor for ijasse

International Journal of Aerospace System Science and Engineering has appointed Prof. Hamid Reza Karimi from Politecnico di Milano, Italy, as the new editor.

Openathens launches a platform which is user-centred

Designed for special access to knowledge and information, OpenAthens has launched a user-centred online platform where the researchers, students, etc. can easily log on to the online resources.

Wiley’s dimension selection informs product development and strategic decisions

Wiley along with Digital science has agreed to provide users with Dimension Analytics enabling them to monitor the research and get insights.Wiley along with Digital science has agreed to provide users with Dimension Analytics enabling them to monitor the research and get insights.

Extension of content sharing by springer nature and researchgate

The content sharing platform extension by Springer Nature and ResearchGate will roll out special journals from Springer. This will benefit the authors collectively from Springer Nature as well as ResearchGate.

The cob launches prelists

<p>The Company of Biologists within &lsquo;preLights&rsquo; has&nbsp;launched &lsquo;preLists&rsquo; which enables the early researchers to create preprint lists for the community. They can also customize the lists with additional summaries in every single preprint.</p>

Digital science collaborates with research4life as a publishing partner

Digital Science has collaborated with Research4Life which will let all the participants explore all the research connections between clinical trials, publications, grants, patents, policy documents, etc.

Preprint server allows early research method sharing

The BMJ, Yale University has launched a new online service where medical and health researchers can avail preprints of articles, its methods, and findings.

Researchfish announces integration with kudos

ResearchFish has announced an integration with Kudos, the award-winning service for keeping up the impact of research via strategized management of communications. This will help the researchers and universities to have direct access to simple language summaries of articles.

Springer nature states agreement of transformation with qatar national library

Springer Nature has announced a three agreement with Qatar National Library that offers a combination of reading access and open access publishing. This would give researchers an access to varied journals and opportunities of publishing.

Research square launches a platform for pre-publication

Research Square has launched a new platform for pre-publication, which is also called Research Square. It is hosting 1,900 articles under the consideration at 31 BMC journals, which help researchers to directly post their manuscript as a preprint gaining early quick feedback.

Jgra invites paper for its special issue on law

Journal of Global Research & Analysis (JGRA) invites paper publications related to any topic of law, from all spheres such as academicians, practitioners, students, researchers and experts for contribution to its 'Special Issue on Law'.

Springer nature journals encouraging preprint sharing by unison of their policies

SNJ has merged all its policies to make preprint sharing possible. This would allow authors to choose any license for preprints, and it also provides more information about its position on the author’s indulgence in response to all the enquiries about preprints.

Avera’s latest research gets published in medical journal

The official medical journal of American Academy of Pediatrics gets published after Avera’s hardwork and contribution along with a few other institutions’ support. This study concludes reassurance of health issues on diabetes, asthma, or epilepsy faced by parents and children, globally.

Fraudulent publishers faking dozens of scientific publications

Researchers were warned by Arctic Institute of North America, University of Calgary about the fraudulent website faking dozens of scientific research papers to extract money from researchers. One of the journals of the University is the upcoming target as said by the experts who are studying the phenomenon.

Professor at texas a&m university texarkana bags award for published work

Dr. Dana Leighton won $1000 Preregistration Challenge prize from the Centre for Open Science, on publishing an article on “Political Extremity, Social Media Use, Social Support, and Well-being for Emerging Adults During the 2016 Presidential Election Campaign”, which had its focus on the way political extremity, social media use, and social support has been affecting the lives of adults in between the ages of 18 and 29.

Cambridge university press introduces 'elements' for scholarly publication

Cambridge University Press (CUP) introduced a new publishing model 'Elements' to provide a channel to the world-class research and writing, as well as peer-reviewed research in the academic fraternity that are not considered for publication in the traditional book or journal article formats.

Uc negotiates with elsevier for open access publications

The University of California is on talking terms with Elsevier to negotiate a new contract to publish thier research works for free to the public at lower subscription costs.

De gruyter signs “read and publish” agreement with iowa state university

The ISU Library and De Gruyter signed the “read and publish” agreement effective from 2019 for next three years. This agreement permits the immediate open access publication of all articles from Iowa State University.

New bioone complete launched

BioOne collaborated with SPIE to launch a nonprofit web platform for enhanced searching and browsing, and simplified off-campus access. 

Bmc biology opens ‘portable peer review’

BMC Biology - the Springer Nature Journal – has decided to share the peer reviews comments of its rejected papers. The journal aims at diminishing the time consumed in the peer-review process by allowing them to reuse these feedbacks in case the manuscript is out of the scope of publication.

Dr. pushkar p. lele bags the young investigator award – 2018

The Assistant Professor of Texas A&M University of the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering was awarded with the Young Investigator Award – 2018 by MDPI and Cells Journal. He developed assays that enabled the mechanical stimulation of individual flagellar motors in single and live bacterial cells, which further behaved as ultra-sensitive molecular sensors to detect chemical as well as mechanical stimuli.

Elsevier takes over science-metrix inc.

The information analytics provider in science and health - Elseiver - has acquired Science-Metrix Inc. The latter is a research evaluation firm that provides science research evaluation and analytics to assess science and technology activities. It enables evidence-based decision-making, strategic planning and outcome assessment processes for governments, international organizations, universities, scientific societies, publishers and technology companies.

Publishers association launches new metadata template

As per the agreement between academic publishers and universities, Publishers Association launched a metadata template for journal articles today. The template was designed in accordance with the input from members of the PA’s Academic, Professional and Learning Publishers Council. It facilitates various practical steps for institutions and publishers for smooth deposit process of academic research works into institutional archives.

Utar's dr leong bags 'outstanding reviewer award'

Dr Leong Lai Ying, lecturer of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman of Malaysia, was awarded with "Certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing" from the Information and Management Journal editors. This certificate is rewarded by the journal to its reviewers based on their count of papers reviewed in the last two years. As a reviewer, Dr Leong's contribution was focused more on ensuring that the submitted articles are as per the latest topics and study trends.

Springer nature introduces open letter on peer review reports

Springer Nature has signed the ASAPbio’s open letter and merged with other publishers in promoting transparency in the peer review process.

Ku sets a new record!

Knowledge Unlatched sets a new record for usage of its Open access books. The increase in usage is significant in comparison to the year 2017.

Mathematics, metabolites and pathogens journal accepted for inclusion in scie

In the web of Science Core Collection, Mathematics, Metabolites and Pathogens have been accepted for inclusion in the Science Citation Indexed Expanded (SCIE).

International solaris conference to be organized in chengdu, china.

9th international solaris conference is going to be organized at Chengdu, China which offers a platform for professionals researching on the areas of solar energy conservation, radiation and its efficient use.  

Sage publishing acquires tails group ltd

SAGE Publishing has recently acquired the technology company giant, Tails and its platform of teaching and learning, Tails Aspire.

Announcement of overleaf v2 launch

Overleaf v2 to be launched on 4th September, 2018. It will also release an updated editor and dashboard for the Overleaf platform.

Oup partners with edify

OUP declares its agreement with Auckland based educational publishing and distribution company, Edify. It will promote the global catalogue of OUP to the customers at New Zealand.  

Springer nature collaborates with ibm watson health

Springer nature and Watson Health collaborates to expand the integration of genomics research content.

Development to prevent post-surgical adhesion

Researchers have developed an effective Polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) which helps in preventing post-surgical complications and tailors the need for a secondsurgery.

Archived replica placed at the national library of the netherland

The National library of Netherlands and Portico have entered into partnership to start-up an online replica of the Portico archive, to be hosted by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek. 

Mdpi announces a geochemistry conference

The Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry is conducting a conference on geochemistry and related subjects from 12-17th August 2018 at Boston, USA.  

Development of new electrocatalyst by beihang university

 Beihang university have fabricated a new type of VNQD-NG, nonprecious metal-bases electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR).

Avs is now affiliated to viruses journal

The Australasian virology society (AVS) selected Viruses journal as it’s preferred journal and become an affiliated society member in June 2018.

Ipa joins the high-level delegation

A high-level delegation held at the Seoul International Book Fair is attended by IPA.

Oup conforms the impact factor for 2018

The Oxford university press journal continues to show growth in impact factors, according to 2017 JCR published by Clarivate Analytics.

Mdpi signs agreement with lapse

MDPI has announced an agreement with LAPSE, which is a research project based on chemical process systems engineering education. This will make it easier for authors to get related research materials.

University of amsterdam chooses ex libris alma platform

The University of Amsterdam has selected Ex Libris which is  a ProQuest company, i.e. Ex Libris Alma, as their new library service platform.

Latest announcements by mdpi

Winner of the Entropy Best Paper Award at MaxEnt 2018 conference held in British Library, London, UK, has been backed by  Mr. Sascha Ranftl.

Details of share tradeback transactions

It has repurchased 166,674 of its own shares from 19th July - 25th July 2018, for an average share of €51.77, reports Wolters Kluwer.

Dr.andrew robinson appointed as the new manager of cab

CABI appoints its new manager Dr.Andrew Robinson, to lead its Publishing and Knowledge Management activities and products.

Digital science launches first ever cloud-based library

Researchers can now get access to many scholarly publications with help of Digital Science's Anywhere Access. It is basically a library centric solution, which houses all types of research publications, i.e. subscription-based or open access articles. 

Best posters award 2018

The best posters award 2018 has been backed by Dr. Francesco De Nicola and Ms. Mimoza Naseska. It has been declared by Low Energy Electrodynamics of Solids (LEES) conference.

Wiley outperforms many in the recent jcr 2018

The articles published by Wiley in 2018 have received 3 rd position in terms of articles published, citations, and title indexing.

Bentham science updates impact factor for its journals

As per the recent Journal Citation Report of 2018, 41 journals of Bentham Science publication has received impact factor details, with Current Neuropharmacology journal gaining the top spot with an impact factor of 4.068.

Oup partners with soutien belge overseas. for providing learning support to refugee children

A new partnership has been established between Oxford University Press and with Soutien belge (NGO) to help the refugee children and youths learn English, who have dropped out of schools and colleges due to conflict and war situations.

Mdpi makes its latest announcement

Open access journals Econometrics (ISSN 2225-1146) and Risks (ISSN 2227-9091) have been found included in Scopus. Both journals combinelly have published more than 400 research articles. The articles will be available in scopus later this year. Scopus has expressed its heartiest thanks to the Editors-in-Chief, Prof. Marc S. Paolella (University of Zurich, Switzerland) and Prof. Mogens Steffensen (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)  

Highwire partners with pubgrade

PubGrade for Publishers, which is an advertising platform, will now be available to the Highwire clients post the partnership deal.

Springer nature pins high growth in open access publication

Recently, a report has shown a rapid growth in gold open access publications by Springer in UK. In the previous year (2017), nearly 77% of gold open access articles were published by Springer with corresponding authors from UK.

Sweden cancels its agreement with elsevier

As a support to open access publication, Sweden universities cancels agreement with Elsevier. The publication agreement late date is on 30th June, which will not be renewed further by the Bibsam Consortium.

Sciendo- a recent launch by de gruyter

Sciendo provides specialized publication services to educational institutes, research units, university presses, societies, and so on. It also provides conference services to the organizers.

Change the world, one article at a time campaign launched by springer nature

The campaign will publish articles that talk off real solutions to the global issues. The articles published in this issues will be available for free till 31st July, 2018 at

International society for mycotoxicology gets its affiliation

The International Society for Mycotoxicology now gets its affiliation of Toxins, which is related to microbiological studies.

italian society for virology- now a society member of viruses

The journal deals with virology studies. The Italian society of virology opted for Viruses as their preferred journal for publication.

Bilirubin improves health of your heart

Bilirubin that is produced by the liver, is a natural antioxidant. It has numerous cardiovascular advantages, such as lower risk of heart attacks, strokes or heart failure.

Asm microbe 2018 to be held at atlanta

An international conference will be held at Atlanta by the American Society for Microbiology. Anne Schuchat will be presiding the conference as the keynote speaker.

Simon fraser university’s publication quotes 16% deaths due to pollution

According to a study report, 16% deaths in the world is due to pollution of all kinds. The research has been published in The Lancet and authored by Bruce Lanphear of Simon Fraser University health.

30th world buiatrics congress at japan

World Buiatrics Congress (WBC) to be held at Japan (Sapporo) on ruminant animal medicine. It will be held between 28th August and 1st September, 2018.

“by scientist for scientist” initiative launched by intechopen

IntechOpen is an open access book publisher, which has recently introduced a new brand, which aims at better presentation of scientific studies, with a new logo and book design.

Forest travel award-2018 updates

Ms. Monika Shea has recently been conferred with the “Forest Travel Award-2018” at the US Regional Association of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (US-IALE) Annual Meeting in Chicago.  

In hungary de gruyter extends its research

To provide access to De Gruyter journal collections to the consortium, De Gruyter and the Hungarian Electronic Information Service National Programme (EISZ) have signed an agreement , which also provides authors affiliated to the subscribing institutions with an open access publishing option in both hybrid and gold De Gruyter open access journals with no further costs.

Wolters kluwer’s cra wiz® and fair lending wiz® solutions selected by allegiance bank

Announcement by Wolters Kluwer that Allegiance Bank has selected the companys CRA Wiz and Fair Lending Wiz solutions to help the bank manage fair lending compliance across its entire organization.

Partnership between john wiley and the march for science

Announcement of partnership between John Wiley and Sons Inc. with the march for science, a global nonpartisan movement highlights the critical role that science plays in improving our lives,understanding our world, and informing policy making in communities across the world.

Mendeley data launched by elsevier to manage entire lifecycle of research data

Elsevier has launches a new cloud-based platform Mendeley Data design to help universities and researchers manage, share and showcase their research data.

Migration of wiley online library to atypon’s literatum platform

Announcement by John Wiley and Sons Inc., the migration of Wiley Online Library to Atypon's Literatum online publishing platform.

Commercial partnership between de gruyter and iberoamericana vervuert

A commercial partnership between De Gruyter and Iberoamericana Vervuert for eBooks which accounts to over 3000 titles.

Wiley online library and lumina datamatics increases the discoverability of images

John Wiley and Sons Inc. and Lumina Datamatics announced a new partnership that will enable the discovery and legal use of Wiley vast collection of images and figures on Lumina's Rights Platform.


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Double-blind review for 'languages'

Earlier, Languages journal was publishing articles in single-blind format. Currently, it will adopt the double-blind format for publication.

The release of wiley assessment service to reduce barriers to instructor and student success

Announcement of release of the Wiley assessment service by John Wiley and Son's Inc. to reduce Barriers to Instructor and Student Success which is a key component of their next generation WileyPLUS product.

Contech conference to be held soon

Info International has announced its next data science conference titled ConTech that is going to be held in 2018.

New ceo appointed by intechopen

The Open Access books publisher, IntechOpen has announced appointment of Anke Beck as its new CEO. He has 20 years of experience in publication industry.

Traditional and innovative approaches in seismic design releases its special issue

<p>The book titled &ldquo;Traditional and Innovative Approaches in Seismic Design&rdquo; releases its special issue with MDPI Publications.</p>

Announcement of new home for authors by cambridge university press

Cambridge University of Press has announced for book authors the expansion of Author Hub into a new, integrated platform.

Jan werner honoured by arnold berliner award 2018

Jan Werner a postdoctoral researcher of German is honored for his work on the origins of endothermy.

Tenth anniversary celebrated by eleven journals

The journals Cancers, Diversity, Future Internet, Nutrients, Polymers, Pharmaceutics, Remote Sensing, Sustainability, Symmetry, Toxins and Water celebrating tenth anniversary for publishing their 10th volume in 2018.

Global action call by scientists against fake news

Social scientists, researchers, and legal scholars have called for global action against firms publishing fake news.

Kleos- a cloud-based legal practice management solution launched by wolters kluwer in india

Wolters Kluwer announced the launch of Kleos, a cloud-based legal practice management solution to help drive digital transformation of legal professionals in India.

The french society on toxinology (sfet) became an affiliated society member of journal toxin

In March 2018 the Journal Toxin chosen by French Society on Toxinology as its preferred journal and SFET became an affiliated society member of the journal.

Max-planck-gesellschaft and iop announce new agreement

A new pilot agreement has been announced by Max-Planck-Gesellschaft and IOP publishing to help grow the society's participation in open access publishing.

Agreement between plos and cold spring harbor laboratory to enable preprint posting on biorxiv

Announcement of an agreement between the Public Library of Science and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory enables the automatic posting of research articles submitted to PLOS journals on BioRxiv, CHSL&rsquo;s preprint server for the life science subject.

To explore digital science and katalysis aims at exploring blockchain technologies for peer-review process

A pilot project launched by Digital Science and Katalysis aims at testing the blockchain technologies that can be implemented in the peer review process. The founding partner for this project is Springer Nature.

Partnership between wiley and ohiolink to lower the course materials cost in the state of ohio

John Wiley and Sons Inc. and OhioLINK announced a new partnership that will reduce the textbooks cost for students in Ohio.

De gruyter partners with gorgias press

From now onwards, all readers can avail the eBook versions of Gorgias Press publications on De Gruyter site.

European geriatric medicine journal published by springer

European geriatric Medicine Journal will now be published by Springer that will focus on scientific and clinical research in all aspects of geriatric medicine.

The journal biomolecules accepted for coverage in the science citation index expanded

Biomolecule, an international, peer-reviewed open access journal has been accepted for inclusion in the Science Citation Index Expanded and BIOSIS previews in Web of Science. It focuses on biogenic substances and their biological functions, structure, interactions with other molecules and their microenvironment as well as biological system.

Electronic health records new method extracts valuable information

In the journal Biological Psychiatric, two reports have been published which demonstrates an approach to use electronic health records to investigate the biological basis of neuropsychiatric symptoms.

Books published by springer in 2018

In 2018 springer published the following books titled as Investigations of Early Nutrition Effects on Long-Term Health, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation of Shock Wave-Induced Failure in Materials Science , Biomedical Applications of Metals , Mechanisms Underlying Host-Microbiome Interactions in Pathophysiology of Human Diseases, HT2A Receptors in the Central Nervous System,and Zic family.

To integrate open annotation elsevier collaborates with hypothesis

Hypothesis and Elsevier announced a collaboration to align annotation capabilities in Elsevier's Research Products with the emerging ecosystem of interoperable clients and services for annotation based on open standards and technologies.

Announcement of publishing open access journal faseb bioadvances by wiley and federation of american societies for experimental biology

A new peer reviewed open access journal FASEB Bioadvances is published by John Wiley and Sons Inc with the federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology.

For nonfatal suicidal behaviours sexual orientation discordance puts adolescents at greater risk

According to a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, discordant students are 70 percent more likely to have suicidal ideas or suicide attempts.

Combined open access and subscription agreement announced by the austrian academic library consortium and the austrian science fund

The agreement mentioned is a three year combined open access publication and subscription agreement which will provide students and researchers at 22 institutions affiliated with KEMO, access to all subscription journals published by Wiley.

Book published by wolters kluwer on analysis of tax reform for pension, benefit and payrole professionals

This book provides guidance on new laws impact on retirement benefit plans, employee benefits and payroll, executive compensation, etc.This book provides guidance on new laws impact on retirement benefit plans, employee benefits and payroll, executive compensation, etc.

The spanish journal of marketing calls for paper

The Spanish Journal of Marketing is a double blind peer-reviewed and open access journal with an international vocation and welcomes manuscripts of authors all over the world. The scope of journal covers latest research in the field of marketing.

Two journals published by elsevier

British journal of Anaesthesia and BJE Education are the two official publications of The Royal College of Anaesthetists. The journals mainly focuses on providing support to the researchers and practitioners worldwide who are dedicated to drive advancements in the field of anaesthesia and provide optimal patient care.

Seven peer-reviewed journals published by aera

Recently, AERA published 7 new journals with titles AERA Open, American Educational Research Journal, Educational Researcher, Review of Educational Research, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, Journal of Educational and Behavioural Statistics, and Review of Research in Education.

The first international online conference on nanomaterials announced by mdpi

This online conference covers the whole breadth of nanomaterials research and provides a forum for the discussion and presentation of new results.

Chicken pox vaccine linked with shingles in few children

Pediatric Dermatology journal reports outbreak of Shingles at the chicken pox vaccination site.

Mistakes made by clinicians when using up to date from wolters kluwer

A Japanese study published in the International Journal of Medical informatics found a significant association between use of UpToDate clinical decision support and reduced diagnostic error, announced by Wolters Kluwer. The use of UpToDate was significantly associated with diagnostic error reduction.

Partnership between the association of health care journalists and john wiley and sons inc. to provide members access to health science research.

To provide members with access to full collection of journals published on Wiley online library , the Association of Health Care journalists has enhanced its partnership with global research and learning company John Wiley and Sons Inc.

Schizophrenia treatment improves by food preservative

A new study published in Biological Psychiatry shows that the common food preservative sodium benzoate enhances symptoms in clozapine-resistant schizophrenia patients.

New gas solid reaction proposed by researchers for high speed perovskite photo detector

NANO, an international peer reviewed monthly journal for Nano science and nanotechnology , recently published a paper in which showed the gas solid reaction method provides a full coverage of the perovskite film and avoids damage from the organic solvent, which is beneficial for light capture and electrons transportation, resulting in a faster response time and stability for perovskite photo detectors.

For injured nerve regeneration discovery offers new genetic pathway

Biologists at the University of California San Diego discover a new genetic pathway for traumatic injuries from stroke to spinal cord damage. The discovery published in the journal Neuron.

Computational brain and behaviour is published by springer and society for mathematical psychology

The Computational Brain and Behaviour is an Interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal launched by Springer and the society for Mathematical Psychology, which draws together research from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, economics and statistics.

Partnership between wiley and american college of clinical pharmacy to launch jaccp

Announcement of the launch of college's second official journal, JACCP by John Wiley and American College of Clinical Pharmacy.

Ipad app edition is released by the indian journal of dermatology, venereology and leprology

Announcement of the release of the new iPad app edition by Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology. The journal is published by Medknow.

Announcement of registration for webinar series by wolters kluwer

Wolters Kluwer Legal and Regulatory U.S opens registration for webinar series for health care compliance and reimbursement Programs in 2018.

Inderscience launches journal in the field of agriculture

International Journal of Agriculture Innovation Technology and Globalisation provides dynamic forum for agricultural research and aids in innovation in the field of business, education, community, environment and government.

A new platform, dimensions launched by global technology company digital science

The launch of Dimensions, by Digital science is a new platform which aims to democratise and transform scholarly research.

Elsevier acquires decision support solutions via oncology

Elsevier announced that it has acquired decision support and best practices in cancer care management via Oncology, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based company.

Men’s sexual or urinary functions does not damage by cycling

The Journal of Urology finds a new study that the cardiovascular benefits of recreational or intense cycling outweigh the risk of negatively impacting sexual or urinary health.

Announcement of 2017 book of the year award by american journal of nursing

The American Journal of Nursing and Wolters Kluwer Health have announced the 2017 winner of its annual AJN book of the year awards honoring exceptional texts for advancing health care quality.

The divestment of corsearch completed by wolters kluwer

Announcement of completion of the divestment of Corsearch to Audax Private Equity by Wolters Kluwer on Governance, Risk & Compliance which was announced on October 23, 2017.

Wiley launches new interactive training program for scientific researchers

A comprehensive research publishing learning program is launched by John Wiley and Sons Inc. that aims at assisting researchers in publishing their original research work.

Partnership between john wiley and proforums to create cpaforum

John Wiley and Sons Inc. have partnered to launch CPAforum to help CPA candidates to pass the exam.

Shortlisting of ipa release 2018 prix voltaire

The shortlist for the 2018 IPA Prix Voltaire was announced, which rewards exemplary courage in upholding freedom to publish and enabling others to exercise their right to freedom of expression.

Call for hosting conference series

To host an edition of the conference series, the steering committees of the International Symposium on Sensor Science, the International Symposium on Frontiers in Molecular Science and the Symmetry Conference are seeking Expression of Interest from Universities, organisations, individual Scholars to host a conference series.

Aip eliminates journal’s publication page charges

AIP has recently announced withdrawal of page charges and color charges for all physical science title journals.The elimination of charges will be effective from 1st January 2018.

Uk established oa coordination group

To support the transition to open access for articles in scholarly journals universities at UK established an open access coordination group recently.

Knowledge unlatched- the central open access platform grows 20% more

Knowledge unlatched, the open access (OA) platform, in partnership with KU Select has grown 20% in 2017. It covers the field of humanities and social sciences.

Acs publications reaches new heights with 100 million article downloads by researchers worldwide in 2017

The American Chemical Society (ACS) Publications Division achieved a major milestone in 2017, surpassing 100 million full-text journal article downloads during the calendar year. This marks a new global usage record for the 51 peer-reviewed ACS journals, which publish research in chemistry and allied fields.

The coverage in science citation index expanded extends

SCIE extends its journal collection by widening its coverage. In 2017, 9 MDPI journals were added to SCIE. These journals are yet to receive the impact factor by June, 2018.

Ieee international conference on micro electro mechanical systems (msme 2018) at belfast, uk

The 31 IEEE International conference on MSME 2018 will be held at UK. It aims at bringing academicians from all over world to a common platform covering every aspect of Microsystem Technology.

Ten mdpi journals added in scopus

Ten MDPI journals have been found suitable for inclusion in Scopus over the past few months.

6th international symposium on sensor and 4th spintech technology on 6 to 8 aug at kenting, taiwan

In 2018, the journal Sensors is going to conduct an international conference in Kenting, Taiwan. Sensors are essential components are artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, cyber physical system and Internet of thing (IOT) for industry 4.0.

Mdpi’s platform adopted by ucl press

The MDPI's Journal Article and Management System (JAMS) has been recently adopted by UCL. JAMS is a management interface for academic articles.

Partnership between wiley and arizona state university to strengthen higher education outcomes in vietnam

To develop engineering and science capacity in Vietnam, John Wiley and Sons Inc. announces partnership with Arizona state University to provide higher education institutions funding, publishing workshop and leadership training materials.

2017 and 2019 editorship of review of research in education calls for applications

The American Educational Research Association Journal publication committee invites fresh application for the review of research in Education editorship.

American educational research association special topic calls for paper

The paper highlights the role of Geographical Information System, Geography and place in Educational Research.The Research extend to develop links between geographical location, educational equity and perceptions of place.

Rating scales predict discharge destination for stroke patients

The Journal of Neurological Physical Therapy reports an issue regarding stroke survivors i.e higher scores stroke survivors are more likely to be discharged from hospital, where as patients with lower scores go to the rehabilitation or nursing care facility.

Children’s self regulation skills boosts by school readiness programme

A Researcher has found children&#39;s self-regulation and early academic skills significantly boosted by 20 to 30 min self-regulation intervention daily to kindergarten readiness program.

The journal of flow chemistry publish by springer

The official journal of the flow chemistry society will get co-published by Springer and Akademiai Kiado from January 2018.

De gruyter and un join hand for open access book publications

Recently, De Gruyter and UN have partnered on the open access publication of books in the mathematics subject. The first volume covers Linear Algebra and the second covers Probability and Statistics.

Partnership between wiley and wfsj to provide training program to journalists

John Wiley and Sons Inc. and the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ)recently entered into a new partnership deed aiming at providing scientific information and evidences to nearly 10,000 journalists from around the globe.

Long-term contract dispute may seize access of german universities to elsevier journals

Due to a drift between Elsevier and Germany’s University System relating to the publication contract, the universities subscription was seized in the year beginning. However, with resuming of talks the access was once again re-activated. The reason behind the dispute is the high subscription fees charged by Elsevier journals and limited open access publication.

Scilit- free scholar base for researchers

Scilit is a free database managed by MDPI. IT extracts information from CrossRef, PubMed and other
sources and presents the data in a crisp manner. It covers almost all known and popular subject

Springer announces launch of new journal in march 2018

Human Arena, a new journal dealing with psychology study will soon be launched by Springer in
Spring 2018.

New society journals to be launchedby elsevier

In 2018, Elsevier is going to launch 2 new society journals, named BJA Education and British Journal of Anaesthesia.

Iversity-the elearning platform acquired by spring

iversity is the collaborative outcome of universities, research institutes, and companies on a global basis.It is basically a eLearning platform, which will enable Springer Nature to disseminate author’s knowledgeand work at a faster rate on this innovative platform.

Emerald journal now unlocked to scienceopen

The Emerald journals, Advances in Autism, The Journal of Health Organization and Management, IrishJournal of Occupational Therapy and International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care are nowavailable at ScienceOpen, which is an open access platform.

Mdpi signs jussieu call

MDPI has recently signed the Jussieu Call that aims at promoting open access publications and bibliodiversity.It also promotes advanced business open access models.

Access to 1000 articles blocked by springer

Springer Nature has recently blocked access to nearly 1000 research articles in China that did notmeet the regulatory guidelines of the Chinese govt.

International journal of business and data analyti

Inderscience Publishers recently launched a new journal title “International Journal of Business and DataAnalytics” that will publish topics relating to business management with a special focus on analyticaltheories and applications.

100 most popular areas in global scientific resear

Clarivate Analytics and Chinese Academy of Sciences has announced the top 100 hot and 43 emergingresearch areas at the global scientific platform. The results have been published in Research Fonts 2017.

Copyright card game to be part of open conference

A workshop session has been planned by the London Info International conference team to introducethe copyright card game at the conference that will be delivered by Chris Morrison and Jane Secker.Both of them are developer of this game.

Figshare shows the rising trends in open access pu

Figshare is an online repository dealing with academic research. It has recently released its annualreport titled “The State of Open Data 2017” in the eve of open access week celebration. The reportshowcases the global attitude for open access type of publication.

Wiley and american fisheries society partner for publication

John Wiley and Sons Inc. has collaborated with its news publishing partner American Fisheries Societyfor its international and national research journals and magazines. The publications in the field offisheries and aquatic sciences will get a boost through this publication agreement.

2017 reaxys phd prize announced

Elsevier has recently announced the Reaxys PhD Prize for the year 2017. The award is given to those researchers who specialize in the field of chemistry taking forward some innovative and original researches.

Pharmacy journal papers can now be viewed in pubme

Now you can search for articles published in Pharmacy journal in PubMed. The full-text articles are available in PubMed Central.

Cancer journal achieves 1000 articles reach

MDPI’s journal, Cancer, has reached the publication milestone of 1000 articles in the field of oncology. The journal will soon receive its impact factor in the JCR 2017.

Researchgate and springer nature are in conversati

Spinger Nature and ResearchGate are in talk to share the recent research articles, keeping in mind the intellectual property rights.

Onesumx nils insource® tool’s functionality enhanc

The online research product of Wolters Kluwer, i.e. OneSumX NILS Insource and now got enhanced search capabilities by providing regulatory intelligence.

Researchgate and springer nature are in conversati

Spinger Nature and ResearchGate are in talk to share the recent research articles, keeping in mind the intellectual property rights.

Onesumx nils insource® tool’s functionality enhanc

The online research product of Wolters Kluwer, i.e. OneSumX NILS Insource and now got enhanced search capabilities by providing regulatory intelligence.

Serial price projection report 2018 launched

EBSCO has launched the 2018 report on serial price projection, taking into consideration the market dynamics. The factors included were library budgets, open access, government mandates, new evaluation tools, and so on.

Journal "gene": the featured journal of the month

MDPI's journal "Gene" has been declared as the featured journal of the month. It is an open access journal, with 3.60 as the current impact factor.

Springer nature- a front runner in charity

When a manuscript submitted to Environmental Earth Sciences is peer reviewed, a water filter is donated to developing countries like Haiti, Honduras, India, Cuba, Russia, Nicaragua and Liberia. Till date, 600 water filters have been donated through such charitable initiative by Springer Nature.

Dove press joins taylor & francis group

For over 13 years of publication history, Dove Press has partnered with Taylor & Francis Group that has further widened Informa PLC's open access and medical journal portfolio in varied subject fields.

Springer and graz university press enter into new

Springer has recently joined hands with the Graz University Press to co-publish books in English language. This will be available in digital format in SpringerLink.

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