Manuscript Editing Services for your Academic Paper Editing and Scientific Paper Editing

Getting a Manuscript published in your desired journal is a tedious task as it requires a lot of dedication and patience. When this task is performed by a non-native English speaking researcher or author, the entire process gets tougher. However, we – yourpartner in manuscript editing services such as Academic Paper Editing and Scientific Paper Editing – can help you ease your work and gain global recognition.

Academic Paper Editing and Scientific Paper Editing require special expertise in the respective subject areas. Moreover, it is also important to maintain the content flow in a clear and explanatory yet simple manner.

Manuscript Editor

Why do you need Manuscript Editing Services?

  • Rejection can happen for any cause and at any time. So, it is better to eliminate such causes before submitting your manuscripts. Unlike the journal editors, our language experts will not only assist you in preparing an error-free manuscript but also assist you in publishing your manuscript.
  • Complex scientific manuscripts are reviewed by our professional subject expertsf or any missing information.

We at, Researchedit, offer you professional Academic Editing services and Scientific Editing services including research papers, thesis, research reports, clinical trial reports, presentations, abstracts, research proposals, grant proposals, and many more. When it comes to manuscript editing services, Researchedit offers a lot more than the client’s expectations.

How we do it??

  • The first step of editing process is to assess the level of editing required in the paper, i.e., substantive editing, copyediting, or proofreading.
  • The manuscript is assigned to the topic-related subject-matter expert(SME).
  • The manuscripts are scientifically edited to achieve flawless grammatical sentences.
  • Both Academic Editing and Scientific Editing are performed as per the client/journal’s instructions.

Types of Manuscript Editing Services provided by Researchedit:

  • Substantive Editing: It is one of our top-tier editing services. We focus on the context, logical flow of the manuscript, and its structure including IMRaD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion &Conclusion). Enabling the readers to understand the contextual information is our foremost objective. This analysis-based manuscript editing service emphasizes more on grammatical accuracy as well as uniformity in factual data and graphical presentations.
  • Copy Editing: This editing service includes an in-depth scrutiny of the manuscript in terms of grammar, spelling, style, consistency, and technical accuracy. This manuscript editing service also encompasses other measures like manuscript formatting as per the given style guide and proper usage of academic or scientific terminologies.
  • Proofreading: Though soundsto be an easy task, the editors have to minutely examine the manuscript in order to rectify any sort of errors related to spelling, sentence structures, capitalization, punctuation, typographic, and any other redundancies in the manuscript. At times, it also include cross verification of references in the manuscript.
  • Both Academic Editing and Scientific Editing are performed as per the client/journal’s instructions.

Edited Abstracts:

Design concept and thermal analysis of high horse power containerized generator

Finite element simulation of al 2024/cu-al-ni shape memory alloy composites

Logic gates implementation using combination of both fg-mos and qfg-mos

Leakage reduction in multi- valued sram using fgmos

Step-wise flow of Manuscript Editing Services at Researchedit:

Manuscript submitted for Editing Initial screening is performed by our editors to analyze the level of editing required by it Manuscript is assigned to the concerned subject expert for editing purpose Edited file is delivered to the client If not satisfied, then the manuscript is again edited till the client is satisfied with the edits.


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