Journal Selection Service

Most of the researchers face rejection due to erroneous journal selection. Many journal editors reject the paper as they fall out of journal scope. Selecting a journal which is perfect for your research paper is the most tedious and time consuming part of the publication process. The growing journal database across all academic field has made the journal selection job even more time-consuming.

Our expert team does this critical work for you. We search, select and sort apt journals for your scientific or non-scientific research papers based on various listed criteria, including journal’s aim & scope, impact factor, citations per year, and so on.

Journal Selection

150 USD

For 15 days

Tools to search for journals

There are a number of journal finder or journal suggester sites that can assist you in finding the perfect journal to which you can submit your manuscript to. The journal suggester uses different aspects to find a list of matched scope journals for you. Some of the criteria are abstract, keywords, title, subject area, and more.

How we do journal selection at Researchedit?

Journal selection is a tedious process. We have subject experts who bring off this task very efficiently. You just need to submit your complete paper and what you get back is a fully sorted journal selection report that contains everything you need to know about the journal, starting from aims and scope, type of article published by the journal, impact factor, readership, time it takes for peer review, publication charges, publication model, whether open access or subscription based publication, and much more.

Our subject experts select three top most journals for you that closely matches to the subject area in which your manuscript falls into. However, the journal you want to publish in will be your sole decision.

We maintain confidentiality of all documents submitted by our client. All our editors sign a legal confidentiality form which restricts them from using any part or whole of the document for their personal use.

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