Manuscript Editor

Formatting and Submission Service

Manuscript Editor

Our team of typesetters have the cutting edge skills and ground breaking expertise to meet the client needs. Following formatting of the document, we also help you submit the paper to your target journal without any hassle. We assist you in preparing a journal specific cover letter that goes along with your submission. The distorted artworks or figures are also modified our expert graphics team to meet the journal standards that the author is submitting to.

Formatting and Submission

300 USD

For 15 days

How to prepare a manuscript for submission?

Once the manuscript has been set as per the target journal recommendations and guidelines, then we prepare the manuscript for submission.

  • The first thing our experts do is register the author on the journal website intended for submission. The author receives a link for activation of the account.
  • In the meanwhile, our formatters check for any forms that needs to be filled and uploaded along with the manuscript. They set the manuscript, artworks, and tables along with supplementary materials, if any, for further submission.
  • Once the author shares the log in information of the journal site, our expert submits the manuscript at the journal interface.