Professional English Editing Service

We at Researchedit offer three levels of english editing services, i.e. substantive editing service, copy editing service, and proof reading service. Our language experts aim at addressing the publication and scholarly writing needs of an author, especially for those who are non-native English speakers. Our team also maintains the style and consistency of the manuscript, keeping in mind the relevant terminologies and phrases, specific to the field of study.

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Professional English editing service checks for:

  • Grammar and language errors that includes correct structuring of the sentences, clarity of the text, tone of the manuscript, pronouns, relative clauses, redundancies, subject-verb agreement, punctuations, spellings, article usage, and more.
  • Manuscript style that includes usage of UK/US English, hyphenation, use of terminologies and abbreviations, citation style, and more.
  • Subject specific nomenclature.
  • Appropriate use of units as well as symbols.
  • Logical flow of the text through rearrangement and summarization.
  • Accuracy of the content, such as placement of headings and sub-headings, clarity and coherence.
  • Ambiguous sentences.

Through verifying the gaps in the manuscript, based on grammar, spelling, use of punctuations and technicality, we ensure high level of content enhancement by presenting the author’s idea in a simple and lucid manner

We offer three levels of editing

We make sure no stone is left unturned. Your manuscript is handed over to subject experts who bring substantial change, keeping an eye on every detail. Our experts make your manuscript sound like it has been edited by a native English speaker. They work on your manuscript structure, flow, style, and all kinds of errors.
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Our hand-picked, elite copyeditors can assist you in correcting the faulty phrases, terminological errors, spelling errors, typo errors, and sentence structure, ensuring contextual flow and adding meaning to the text.
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Our editorial experts scan your manuscript for errors related to grammar, terminologies, punctuation, word use errors, and the overall style, increasing the chances the acceptance.
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Substantive Editing


For 15 days (3000 words)



For 15 days (3000 words)



For 15 days (3000 words)

Please note: This service does not guarantee acceptance of manuscript for publication but it guides you to improve the quality of your manuscript.

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