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We make cost-effective editing feasible for authors who own their kingdom of self-publishing.

Not everybody is a storyteller;
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Book Editing Services: Presenting to you the Most Affordable and Effective Service

For authors no matter how easy it is to write, it is not possible to edit their draft in a way for their story to convey what they exactly mean. Every story is a mirror of the society, and in order to maintain its reflection, professional book editing services are a great requirement.

To flourish your writing career by making your book grab the limelight, you need expert editors who will not only scrutinize your draft to rectify errors but also enhance and polish its language, sentence structure, clarity, plot’s structure, point of view, consistency, and tone of the writer. This is how you get a beautifully edited book. You write, we edit.

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What magic can our Book Editors instill in your book?

  • In order to ensure your book is error free, our book editors proofread or copyedit and correct everything grammatically.
  • For the correct arrangement of sentences, and to check the flow, our book editors go through your piece bit-by-bit.
  • Our editors check the accuracy and edit your piece with the correct usage of English.
  • We understand your needs, the subject area you are working on, and the genre of the book.

We are here to embark you on a journey of book editing services for your book to stand out in the crowd. The pathway includes:


Copyediting includes basic editing that is done addressing each word checking the grammar, linguistics, punctuations, errors related to typography and spelling. This boils down to editing done at its best, which ensures an error-free piece of your book.

Line Editing

Line editing includes in-depth edit based on a structural approach of your book. It mainly focuses on the aspects of linguistics that include the sentence flow, use of figures of speech, tone, style, and elements used to make your draft crisp and lucid for the readers.

Professional Editors

We have a team of talented professional book editors who hold experience in the field of editing. They polish your draft pertaining to all the processes that are required to in book publishing.

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With a lot of competency in the market, we set our prices at a reasonable value for writers to avail our affordable book editing services and get desired results.

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The faster the process of editing, the sooner the book gets published. We ensure the services to get delivered to you within no time.

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Constructive Feedback

We do not just provide simply edited drafts, but also make sure to give suggestions and feedbacks of our editors who work on every genre.

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Your draft is completely safe with us. We maintain the code of confidentiality with our clients.

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Revisions for free

We revise your drafts for free as a complimentary service to make sure that your book is free of errors and is ready for submission.

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How to submit your draft for editing your book?

  1. Make a choice of the book editing service you require
  2. Upload your draft
  3. We will deliver your edited draft in 5-7 working days

Genres of books we edit at ResearchEdit:

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Biography
  • Autobiography
  • Novels
  • Course books
  • eBook
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Book Writing Services

Don’t just dream, make it happen. Writing a book is better said than done, it is often difficult to put your ideas into words. We are at your service with a team of professional ghostwriters providing you book writing services with high-quality and fine content on any genre of your choice.

You can now reap the results of hard work sown through years of writing your book, sooner than you expected.

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Book Designing Services

We offer affordable and professional book designing services for the finishing touch of your book. We design your book inside out, right from typesetting of your text to the design of your book’s cover, our designers got it all covered.

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