Writing a review article is a valuable piece for those who search for summary of various research studies without spending time to find results by themselves. Writing a good review paper always provides its readers with unbiased information. It provides its reader with a clear justification of why the study is valid or not valid.

Objectives of a review article must be to achieve an organization and combination of previous works around the chosen field to speed-up the assimilation of recent knowledge into the existing one. A review article must me clear and accurate. It should also have a good standard of writing.

Let us discuss about some tips on how to write a review paper.

Review PaperReview papers are not original studies and it just assimilates the study outcomes of the studies. A meta-analysis is a type of quantitative review. It collects data from various other studies to conclude its subject. An ideal review always focuses on a theme. The narrative review article is easy to read and understand whereas the systematic review is a detailed literature survey that is done on a selected topic.

Preparation of manuscript is another major part of writing a review article. The length of the journal always varies depending upon the guidelines provided by the author. The most common guideline which almost all journals ask is a specific font and size to be used. The article structure should have a defined structure. The title page must contain a main title. The title length must not be a lengthy one and must be short, precise and crisp. The title should contain the key elements of the subject matter. The length of the abstract should be between 200-250 words and there should be no citations in the abstract. The introduction part should be a discussion of the subject matter and should also address the objective of conducting the review. It is better if it is written in the present tense. The conclusion part must discuss the objective that is discussed in the introduction.

Here are some of the suggestions on how to write a review article. These tips may help you in polishing your writing while writing a review paper.