For an editor or writer who is concerned about getting his manuscripts published, self editing is most important among any other skills.Once the initial draft is written, the author should start correcting his own writing until the manuscript has produced a number of drafts and its final draft looks great.

The research paper should easily depict the intentions of author to his readers very lucidly.Submitting a highly polished and self-edited paper does the following three things:

1)It simplifies the work of the editors or peer reviewers.

2) To estimate better about the paper’s validity.

3)It also fuels the chance of acceptance of the paper for publication.

How to self edit the research paper

After completing a manuscript, a researcher must not hasten to submit it. The researcher should continue further working on it. Get the manuscript published only after all the goals are achieved.

Print the research Paper

It is necessary for a researcher to keep a hard copy of the manuscript all the time. This will help in checking things that varies from what that has been typed on his/her computer. This will help in refreshing the eyes of the researcher and in becoming “detached” from own work. This should be done thoroughly before submission of the manuscript to the target journal.

Take a Break

Take a break for few hours after completing the first draft. The researcher will get to see the paper with fresh opinion when returning to the paper. It will be trouble-free for the writer to spot out his mistakes and sentences with mistakes. Never try to completely revise the research paper at-a-time. Allow yourself to have several days or week to complete it.

Read the Paper Out Loud

It should be soft and pleasant when you read the research paper loud. If you trip over it and something that does not make any sense, mark that immediately and move on. After getting the reading part done,start editing the marked parts and re-read.

Imagine you are the Reviewer

The researcher has to detach himself as the author for effective self editing of the manuscript. He has to play the role of a normal layman who have never read it before.The initial writing part of the manuscript is the easiest part. The original work is to qualitatively improvement in the research paper so that it can transparently communicate the message to the peer reviewers about what the researcher wants. This will be done by the self editing process. Hence, the manuscript should be send out to others for review only after the writer is convinced….