Why should you hire Professional Academic Editing Services?

Often, academic editing is presume to be identical to generic or standard copy editing. However, academic editing involves an in-depth analysis of the content to improvise its logical flow, thereby, emphasizing the core ideas, structural arrangement, and less repetition of words. Academic editors are duty bound to understand the topic to its core and make modifications in the manuscript with an eye to the detail as well as strong linguistic abilities. However, their task is not over yet. They have to do the fundamental tasks, i.e. formatting, referencing, and indexing according to the target journal style guide.

Benefits of Professional Academic Editing

Academic editing servicesAs a researcher or author, at times you must be worried about rejection from the journal editor if your research paper or article is not properly drafted. Herein, the professional academic editing services will prove to a helping aid for you.

  • Academic Editors scrutinize the paper minutely and edit it to create a logical flow in the research presentation for clear apprehension of the readers and other scholars.
  • Academic Editors amend the sentences in terms of grammar, punctuation, typographical errors, and repetitions.
  • Being a subject-matter expert (SME), the academic editors will ensure the proper usage of the terminologies and facts.
  • Even if the manuscript is drafted properly, the academic editors thoroughly cross-check its facts and figures from a reader’s point of view and perform the necessary corrections.
  • Lastly, academic editors also ensure that the your edited manuscript is in accordance with the journal guidelines
  • If followed attentively, academic editors’ edits would surely guide you to draft a better research paper in future.

Hiring Professional academic editing services for your research paper result in a high standard manuscript with an increased rate of acceptance by the target journal editors. In a nutshell, the academic editing professionals understand and modify your research work to bring out the best of it in its written form.

Understanding the Background of Academic Editing Services

Academic editing, as the name suggests, is not only for the academicians for also for students, institutes, and scientists. Academic editing services does much more than just language editing, in which the contextual flow of the manuscript is maintained and also the logic is strengthened. To gain international accreditation, a research document must meet the international requirements.

Who is an Academic Editor?

Academic editing servicesAcademic editors are highly trained professionals and are highly vetted for their English language editing expertise. They can work on manuscripts belonging to a wide range of subject areas. They understand the idiosyncrasies of academic language. The minimum qualification of an editor is usually a Master’s degree or a PhD in the required subject field.

How academic editing services assist you?

There are 3 major issues detected in academic writing that can be noted as follows:

-Improper presentation of thoughts: Any thesis or research work that is not presented properly, lacks consistency, has lengthy abstract section, non-confirmation to guidelines, incorrect referencing, and so on, can lead to a negative feedback on the research writing, even if the experimental ground is strong.

Academic writing revolves around the clarity of the message that needs to be well presented, so that it can be well understood by the readers.

– Expression: Many research documents have grammatical mistakes throughout, thus resulting in clumsy sentence structures and incorrect tone.

Academic editors are well equipped with skills to spot these errors in your manuscript. When we engage an academic editor, he/she adds sense to the research writing by ensuring proper contextual flow, correct usage of grammar, correct tone, and well presentation of research thoughts. They understand the evidence-based facts, the argumentative statements and the analysis done in the research to prove the stated hypothesis.

The academic writing service brings out the best in your writing by transforming your words into perfection.