You must have submitted your research manuscript to the target journal and the Editor would have sent the manuscript to the peer review desk after the technical phase. Now, what you get back is a set of reviewer’s comments. Responding to reviewers comments on submitted articles is an important task to perform. To tackle with this situation and draft an efficient response to reviewers, what you need to do is follow some simple rules as mentioned below.

Presenting an Overview

The changes have to be acknowledged in the cover letter that will be submitted along with the manuscript. You need to point out if you have conducted any new experiments based on the reviewer’s comments. At the end of the response to reviewers letter, all the changes must be marked.

Reply Politely, Needn’t be harsh

Even if you disagree with the changes requested at the end of the reviewers, you can simply state the reason of your disagreement. It might be the case that that particular portion of the study has not been clearly stated because of which the reviewer is not able to gauge the in-depth meaning of the text. At times, the reviewers are a bit rude; however, this should not accompany with a rude response.

Responding to the comment in a particular manner

Always try for drafting a point by point response to reviewers so that no point is left unanswered and the responses are clear for the reviewers to understand.

Thank the reviewers

Before beginning with your explanation, thank the reviewers for spotting out the point in your manuscript. You need to understand that the reviewers spend ample amount of time not to reject your research paper, rather increase its chances of acceptance by incorporating certain changes.

Use of Typography

You can take help of different color shades or track change option to point out the changes.

Provide “yes” or “no” response

Provide ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ response wherever possible. A well written reviewer’s response is critical in acceptance of your manuscript. Along with the response letter, do not forget to submit your revised manuscript and a clean copy of the same.