Length  : 

Thesis are quiet lengthier as compared to resaerch articles.

Variants  :

1.Thesis types : Doctoral, Master’s, abd Bachelor’s thesis
2.Research article types: Original article, case report, review

Topic  :

1.Thesis: Focused on a single topic
2.Research Article: Focused on related topics

Purpose :

1.Thesis: Achieve a degree

2.Research Article: Convey the research idea to relevant readers

Reference  :

1.Thesis : Exhaustive list
2.Research Article : Very references (usually there is restriction)

Time :
1.Thesis: Takes longer time; few years
2.Research Article: comparatively much less time

Context :

1.Thesis: Presents current as well as future researches
2.Research Article: Up-to-date research ideas

Reviewer :
1.Thesis : Reviewed by University’s research committee members
2.Research Article : Often blinded review by experts from the subject area

Availability  :

1.Thesis : May or may not be available online; usually available in University library
2.Research Article: May be available online or in print version, or both