Plagiarism is not a new thing in the field of research. There are numerous literature available online and taking up a large chunk of ideas or texts from those literatures without falling into the plagiarism trap is quite impossible.

  • Hence, technology has brought for us some renowned plagiarism detection tools that will not only help you in reducing plagiarism but also making your work unique and a standalone document.

The very first tool is TURNITIN. It is a cloud-based technique that can be used on desktops as well as tablets. The software has partnered with more than 15000 institutions for detecting plagiarism in academic papers, student’s assignments and papers, web pages, and so on. However, Turnitin has been associated with few flaws relating to false plagiarism. Still Turnitin remains the top choice for most of the researchers, institutes and academicians.

  • The second most preferred tool is, which is available free of cost. This tool is mostly used by students or their professors for checking any copied text in student’s assignments. It is a partial searching tool which scans only phrases and not the whole paper.

The third scan tool is SafeAssign, which is provided with Blackboard. Students are its target audience, and it assists them in citing references correctly and also detect plagiarism.

The fourth tool is Plagscan, which is primarily web-based service. It covers both individual users and institutions. After you upload or copy-paste the file at the interface, a score card is generated with three colored signals, i.e. red, yellow and green.

The fifth one is The Plagiarism Checker, which is similar to It is also available for free along with a premium mode that gives a more in-depth scanning of the document.

Which among these tools is the best?

Well, this is a dicey thing to answer. It actually depends on your needs and the budget set by you or the institution. The free tools can be opted by the students, whereas researchers or professionals might have to go with the paid version for a more deep scan into the plagiarized texts. Based on the scan report, try rephrasing and rewriting most of the plagiarized portion.