There are large traces of pesticides in vegetables, fruits and even cereals we eat. When the farmers spray these toxic pesticides it eliminates the harmful pests and insects affecting the crops. However, its toxicity does not end there. With every developmental stage, these toxins gets penetrated into the skin of the fruits or vegetables that  easily moves into your food bowel, even after repetitive washing.

These pesticide residues in food have increased incidence of many diseases in children, who are especially low at immunity. It contributes to various neurological disorders, stomach disorders, attention deficit, and memory loss. As children are less efficient in neutralizing the harmful pesticides  present in their diet, they fall under the high stress category than adults. In 2014, the US dept of Agriculture reported at least one pesticide in the food items.

There is always more than one way to protect yourself and your family from pesticide hazards, and the way is really simple- Using organic products. But this can be a pocket pinching affair for many and also hard to find. If you are low on budget, then prioritize your lists of items. Like the fruits, pulses or vegetables you buy the most needs to be organic.

You need to gain knowledge on some of the most commonly used pesticides, like Chlorpyrifos (which is also an approved pesticide) that cause harm to children, elderly, and pregnant ladies, way beyond anyone can imagine. Even trace amount of this pesticide on the food items can also lead to many harmful side effects  in children.

Another best alternative to stay safe is use of natural pesticides, such as Rotenone (recommended dose to be kept less than mg). It is nearly 30 times less toxic than Captan and around 40 times less toxic than Pyrimethanil, both of which are synthetic pesticides. Rotenone is the only known natural pesticide that ranks out the above mentioned synthetic pesticides in term of toxicity. Some farmers even use these highly toxic synthetic pesticides in combination to deal with the pest issues. This has in turn raised the risk bar by producing cumulative health effects. People need to understand that the set limits for pesticides decided by various health agencies is purely based on animal studies. Hence, its effectiveness or protection shield against humans is still unknown or we can say unclear. In light of this, we can make use of certain important research findings that can be of great help in understanding the real picture at the back door. There are studies suggesting pregnant women living near farms where pesticide application is done, have been found to be highly exposed to this toxic element.

It is not always the pesticides, but at times naturally occurring toxins can also mirror the toxic effects of a pesticide. Some of these compounds are formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, flavonoids, and so on. These natural toxins are found to be a causative agent of cancer and related diseases.

Apart from all these concerns, you are the best judge for your kids and your family. Certainly check for the organic tag or mark while you buy any regular products from the mart.