A thesis is a theoretical expression of any kind of research performed by a researcher or student as part of his degree or experiment. Thesis publication has evolved a long way from its form in hard copy format to online submitted text. Publishing a thesis is definitely a launchpad to prove a hypothesis and an achievement for the researchers.

Thesis publication in online journals results in a vast arena of communication among researchers and students worldwide. Communication is certainly a key to development in the field of science and research that gradually sweeps an aura of optimism and scientific temperament among students.

Thesis publication needs a string of points to be kept in mind by a researcher. A researcher needs to write a proposal that could generate a sense of curiosity among the targeted mass. The proposal should be in the form of a systematic study, a proper order of introduction, literature review, methodology and conclusion. There should be a clear –cut expression of the executed experiment or research. The proposal should be authentic and its true identity needs to be maintained. The very next step should be to proofread the document so as to minimize errors and plagiarism. The process should be followed by a good marketing strategy and a goal oriented approach.

Before proceeding towards the process of publishing your thesis, it is essential to keep few things in mind. All the references studied during the thesis preparation should be provided to the journal for maintaining a transparency about the sources used in the research analysis. It is always better to inform the target journals about your interest in the type of thesis publication, i.e. monograph or article series.

Thesis publication is agonizing and hectic for researchers who are incapable of giving a vent to their proposed experiment in words. It is truly fascinating, if the proposal is galvanized with an intense passion for reaching out to the common mass.