Research paper writing is definitely not easy. We all commit mistakes in some way or the other. Some of them can be corrected during the time of editing or self-editing. But there are some mistakes that should never be done and should be corrected from the very beginning or else they will bring us mountains of trouble later.

Common Mistakes in Research Paper Writing:

  • Lingering papers. There is generally a page limit when we submit our paper to a conference or journal. Several reviewers will dislike the work if the page limit is dishonored. The reason behind it is that reviewers are busy reviewing many papers and they do not want to spend their time in making it fit within the page limit.
  • Proofreading and illegible papers.  A paper should be written well and the author should proofread it before submission.  In some cases, certain unreadable papers look like they were automatically translated by the help of internet. These papers get rejected for sure.
  • Plagiarized content in the paper.  A paper that contains text copied from another paper minimizes your chance of being accepted. The texts in your papers should be written only by your own Research paper writing style. It is easy on the part of a reviewer to detect plagiarism using various plagiarism detection software.
  • Information those are irrelevant. In some papers, we find information that are irrelevant and of least importance.
  • Stating the research problem.  In a research paper, it is very much important to state the problems that are really important and challenging. The Research paper writing style of the author needs to be modified in order to please the reviewer, by giving a brief description to the problem and the solutions derived from the study.
  • Paragraphs should flow lucidly. It is important that all the parts of the research papers are interconnected by a “flow”. Each and every part must feel logically connected to the next parts when the reviewer reads it.


While writing a research paper, there are some traps that students or researchers fall into. Some have been listed below:

  1. Dearth of research before choosing a thesis subject.

Sometimes, out of stress, students rush their selection of subject. As a result of which their focus suffers greatly, and a reflection of this comes in their Research paper writing style. The important steps in writing a successful research statement is first doing a good research and choosing an appropriate subject that they can well connect to. Doing this will ultimately gift you a successful paper.

  1. Dearth of a strong thesis statement.

The next step is creating a strong thesis statement. Importance of research paper writing a clear and focused research statement needs to be understood by the author.. It should be based on a topic that grounds further discussion.

  1. Unable to make proper connections between the research statement and supporting statements.

The structure of a research paper flows from the research statement followed by the supporting statements, which account the body.

  1. Dearth of strong, relevant data.

All supporting statements in a paper should be corroborated by relevant sources which prove the point of view put by the research statement. Your supporting statements should plump out your original thesis statement and have a strong basis.

From the above discussed points, it is clear that research paper writing can be simplified to some extent if we are wise enough. Keeping these points in mind we should proceed towards our research writing. The huddles will definitely be minimized and we can get a successful research work at the end.