Artwork preparation services for publication supports

We are masters in preparing your artworks for publication. Artworks/Figures are an integral part of your research paper as it works as a channel for communicating the research ideas to its readers in a more faster and efficient manner.

Basic aspects :

You can send us the artworks embedded in a word file or as separate documents (acceptable formats are TIFF, JPEG, PNG, EPS or PDF].

Artwork Preparation


For 15 days

We offer artwork preparation for the following

  1. Charts or pie-charts
  2. GIS-maps
  3. Photo images
  4. Conceptual illustrations
  5. Line graphs, bar graphs or any sort of line diagrams
  6. Vector images
  7. Halftone images
  8. Colored images, and others

We take care of:

The basic guidelines, layout, font size and style used in the figures, resolution, preferred file format, and color matching while preparing your figure for submission to the journal you intends to submit to.


5 USD for preparation of 5 figures (1-15 days turnaround time, depending on the number of figures and complexity of the diagram)


We maintain confidentiality of all documents submitted by our client. All our editors sign a legal confidentiality form which restricts them from using any part or whole of the document for their personal use.

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